Constantly playing small, staying safe and being reasonable isn't why we are here. We don't need to follow the status quo, because the status quo was created by those who followed their inner critic's fear.
~ Cassie Mendoza-Jones
Feel the fear and do it anyway!
We LOVE helping people who think differently, we encourage people of all ages to stand up for the things they believe in and to live life to the fullest, while always being in the moment! We believe that every human being deserves to use their own voice with confidence and to make decisions that THEY decide to make!
We believe in having choices in life!
We are excited that we can support people that are seeking more choice while making an impact!

Who are we?


Dreamer in 

Flip Flops


Realist in

Combat Boots

Kate & Hannah 

Soul Driven

Dream Leaders


Creative Monkey

on a Mission

We believe that EVERYONE matters!

We look forward to helping you create your desired future with your entire family.

We are all perfectly imperfect, and that is what makes life fun!  We are always learning and growing...

Pictured above: Jack (6 months), Me - Tara (33 years old), Hannah (2 years old)

- when we began helping others achieve incredible results in 2009, in 2011 we had our 3rd baby and we continued to serve people like you who wanted to reach their dreams too!