What you may not know about our new products:
  • We now have multiple dairy free options and this line continues to expand (with a great new snack being introduced this month.)

  • new Amped line for people looking for solutions to help with workouts - all Informed Sport Certified

  • specific health targets (sleep, brain support)

  • new products that were JUST launched in early February for people struggling with high cholesterol our heart booster might be a great option, or anyone with an immune system, this immune booster may be what you are looking for (for children and adults)

Here's how to get started again with this promo:

Rejoining Isagenix through this Welcome Back opportunity is so simple. You only need to log back into your Isagenix Customer Account using your previous username and password. (If you forgot your password, that’s OK! The system will prompt you to update it.) From there, place a product order of 1 BV or more and you are officially a Member!

If you would rather have more support from me, I would be happy to help you get re-started, just connect with me and I would be happy to help.

If you choose to do this on your own, simply use the link above (Isagenix Customer Account) and you can get your Autoship membership renewed for one year free and free shipping (up to $25) the first order you make and the free membership will be automatically applied without a minimum order expectation.

If, however you do wish to order a package of 150BV or more (our systems work and are put together for you) to recommit to your personal wellness goals, I will be sending you another gift of appreciation that you will enjoy.

Common Paks if looking for a complete system:
  • our personal favourite is still the Premium Pak,

  • or if you are ready for daily vitamins, the Value Pak of your choice - weight wellness, healthy aging, energy or performance) is still the most successful for people getting started or restarted.

  • Extra bonus - These paks also come with free membership, so for you, you will save an additional $29US off your first order if you buy one of these to start off.

I look forward to hearing from you either way! Best wishes, Tara

For a refresher or to see some of the new things since you've ordered last, check out this website if you wish. http://www.isaproduct.com/knowledge-base/